“Your Voice on Rights, Relationships, Revolution,” a virtual creative writing workshop and story swap

“Your Voice on Rights, Relationships, Revolution, a virtual creative writing workshop and story swap led by Alison Morse

Wednesday, April 21, 5-6:30 CT
Hosted by Fashion Revolution Midwest

Join us for a creative writing workshop for reflecting, writing, and swapping stories about refocusing the apparel industry to center on human rights and the rights of nature, our relationship with our clothes, and the people who make them.

What does your personal Fashion Revolution sound like, look like, feel like? Unlock your experience through storytelling. Open to all who want to voice their experiences/visions of social and environmental change in the apparel industry through creative writing, poetry, and spoken word performance. This workshop, led by poet and writer Alison Morse, will guide attendees through a creative writing process designed to help us reflect and creatively process our relationship with our clothes. The workshop will end with a supportive reading swap by the artist and creators who participate.

Workshop Overview:

In the first hour, we’ll reflect on fashion industry issues and listen to examples of stories and poems from other voices. You’ll receive optional writing prompts and open time to write. During the last half-hour, you’ll present what you just wrote to the group, or share a story or poem that you completed prior to the workshop (1-4 minutes max), or you can choose to simply listen to your fellow participants.

“Your Voice” will take place on Wednesday, April 21st, at 6-7:30 EST. Please sign up before April 20th. Watch your email for updates to come and the link for the event! If you have any questions in the meantime please reach out to Maggie at maggierustbarrett@gmail.com.