“Stories We Wear” Writing and Discussion Workshop at Macalester March 22

Stories We Wear with writer Alison Morse, sponsored by the Macalester Jewish Organization

Tuesday, March 22, 8pm, CRSL, Macalester College

Stories We Wear, which will take place three days before the 111th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, is a writing, reading and discussion workshop that invites you to share your experiences with your clothes, and connect your clothing to American Jewish labor history as well as current activism on behalf of workers in today’s global garment industry.  Bring memories about a favorite garment and/or garment maker, or bring your current favorite piece of clothing to the workshop. If you have an ancestor or current family member who worked or works in the apparel or textile industry, bring that information, too.  If you’d like to be part of reading Alison’s multi-vocal poem out loud, email mjo@macalester.edu to sign up!